"Dr. Rosen's presentation was the highlight of our two-day event. He was extremely professional, yet able to deliver an hour-plus presentation balancing research findings and useful down-to-earth information, with style and humor."

"Looking around the room during his talk, I watched these leaders, many of whom have been active on a national level for years, literally gobble up his ideas. His tips on how to overcome daily technology stresses were immediately useful and punctuated by personal anecdotes, cartoons and audience-supplied stories."

"The question-and-answer period was so energized that we had to stop it mid-question to allow everyone time for a break."

Betty Jo Toccoli, Chair, California Small Business Association Roundtable

"Prior to coming to Michigan, Dr. Rosen contacted several members of our group to ascertain their needs and concerns. This allowed him to tailor his presentation to his audience.

"Dr. Rosen possesses the knowledge skill to address this diverse group in a manner that appealed to all members."

"His extensive research, knowledge of current developments, and presentation skills combined to produce an extremely educational and enjoyable keynote presentation and workshop."

David Schneider, Meeting Planner"

Dr. Rosen's presentation was of tremendous value. Audience members felt that he was cogent, understandable and very accessible."

Alan Kaplan, JD, Attorney and Meeting Planner

"I have heard each of them present at my conferences and other conferences. I have also reviewed their audience's evaluation of their presentations. They routinely obtain high marks, imparting useful information and leaving the audience energized."

"They are highly effective speakers individually and are also superb when co-presenting as a team; they are able to effectively complement and enhance each other's presentation styles."

Tom Trabin, Ph.D., M.S.M., Meeting Planner

"As a team and as individuals, they are pioneers in the field. They have developed innovative and engaging methods of preenting complex ideas in ways that are understandable and thought provoking to technical as well as non-technical audiences."

"Their work is grounded in sound research and scholarship, which they have translated into practical applications that individuals and groups seeking to cope with the impact of technology can employin their work and personal environments."

"Dr. Rosen has twice been honored by his colleagues as the university's Outstanding Professor. To the best of my knowledge, he is the only individual in the history of the institution to have received this high award more than once."

Gary Levine, Meeting Planner and Associate Dean, Extended Education, in charge of developing community and business outreach

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