Technology Articles Written by Dr. Larry Rosen between 1995 and 2004 in The National Psychologist

March-April 2004
Understanding the Technological Generation Gap
January-February 2004
Help! I'm Drowning in Information!
November-December 2003 Looking for the Perfect Match
September-October 2003 Essential Tools for the Wired Professional
March-April 2003 It's Time For Spring Cleaning
September-October 2002 Privacy: A Casualty of the Information Age
July-August 2002 Simplifying Life on the Web
January-February 2002 Everything the you Haven't Wanted -- but Need to Know -- about Viruses
November/December 2001 Practice Safe Computing
July-August 2001 Living A TechnoStress Nightmare
March-April 2001 Computerized ADHD Screening
January-February 2001 Offering Some Tid-Bytes to the Readers
November-December 2000 Despite Billions, Y2K May Have Been Worth the Effort
September-October 2000 Taking a Second Look at Practice Management Software
July-August 2000 Keeping the Net Generation (and their parents) Safe
May-June 2000 Doing Handsprings over technology: Newest handheld PC is amazing
March-April 2000 Our Man in Cyberspace is Impressed with New Hardware/Software
January-February 2000 Buying a New PC is a Good Bet for Spring 2000
November-December 1999 As Century Ends, Rosen Gazes into Technology Crystal Ball
September-October 1999 There is Hardly an Item that can't be Bought on the Web
May-June 1999 Our Inveterate Cyberspace Pundit Tells All
March-April 1999 Children Becoming Lost in (Cyber)space
January-February 1999 Therapists, too, Should Prepare for Y2K Problem
November-December 1998 How Will the Internet Affect Your Clients?
September-October 1998 Finding Your Port(al) in a Storm
July-August 1998 'Chatting' the Night Away
May-June 1998 Upgrading, Service, Downloading and Hot Sites and Software
March-April 1998 10 Steps to Design Your Own Web Site
January-February 1998 Care in Establishing Your Online Identity
November-December 1997 Upgrading Your Computer
September-October 1997 A Review of Speech Recognition Software
July-August 1997 Dealing With Information Overload
May-June 1997 The Future of Mental Health Technology
March-April 1997 Information Sources: Daily News, Search Engine Tips and Finding Personal Information
January-February 1997 Privacy on the Internet
November-December 1996 Communication Privacy
September-October 1996 E-Commerce in Mental Health
May-June 1996 Electronic Billing and Treatment Planning Software Review
January-February 1996 Automated Billing Programs for Mental Health
November-December 1995 Review of Software to detect ADHD
September-October 1995 Technologizing a Mental Health Practice
July-August 1995 A Study of Psychologists and Their Use of Technology
May-June 1995 Communicating With Other Psychologists on the Internet
March-April 1995 An Introduction to the Information Superhighway for Mental Health Practitioners

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