In our book TechnoStress we convey the message that with all the technology surrounding you at work, in your home and during your leisure time there are bound to be times when the technology fails to act properly and lets you down. The highly publicized, national problems with satellite transmissions failing caused countless people to feel TechnoStressed. Parents were not able to page children, bosses could not find their employees and those who depend on pager signals were left wondering what to do. Cell phone services went down and gyms and offices were without "muzak" being pulled down from the satellite. This was just one example of how technology causes TechnoStress in our lives. As more and more technology enters our lives, we need to anticipate similar disruptive events.

You can't stop technology from having problems, but you can empower yourself to be prepared. TechnoStress offers solutions to help you stay well-equipped and both practically and emotionally ready when technology lets us down.

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