Overview of Keynote Speaking, Consultation and Media Services

Dr. Weil signing books at the Women's Success Forum in Denver, Colorado

Keynote Speeches

Selected Topics

  • Overcoming Multitasking Madness
  • Techno-Professionals: Rules for Thriving in the New Millennium
  • Technology User's Bill of Rights
  • The Businessperson's Portal Through Y2K and Beyond
  • The New Techno-Communication Etiquette
  • Overcoming TechnoStress: Coping With Technology @Work @Home @Play
  • Mastering the Rapid Changes in Technology
  • Escaping From Your TechnoCocoon
  • Are You a Victim of Technosis?
  • Y2K Worries? Develop Your Personal Emergency Techno-Crash Plan

Corporate Consultations

  • Customized technology training
  • In-house workshops
  • Product development
  • Public opinion research
  • Sales/marketing strategies
  • Materials development

Media Relations

  • Corporate and media spokesperson
  • Media training
  • Video and satellite conferencing; online chats

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