Dr. Michelle M. Weil

Dr. Larry D. Rosen

Human-Ware, LLC

Byte Back, LLC


We are dedicated to helping people alleviate all levels and types of technological discomfort including technophobia and TechnoStress. With this goal of a TechnoStress-Free lifestyle, we will:


Help companies create successful sales and marketing strategies by utilizing a clear understanding of the reactions people have to technology.


Consult with individuals and businesses to streamline the effective introduction of new technology.


Work with educational and corporate systems to select or develop technologies that promote successful utilization.


Develop, implement and report research to further our understanding of peoples' reactions to technology.


Advise educational, political and corporate systems on policies for successful use of technological applications.


Provide public addresses and media appearances that enhance peoples' understanding of why TechnoStress exists and its solutions.


Assist with design, appearance and physical placement of consumer and business technology.

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