The Latest Reviews of TechnoStress

"After reading Dr. Larry Rosen's and Dr. Michelle Weil's book, TechnoStress, I realized that the well-rounded technologist isn't. Introduce technology without experience in the attendant psychology and you have personal, corporate and societal problems in the form of TechnoStress. ... My recommendation is read their book and then do something about the problem. It might seem like a small step, but it could be a giant leap for mankind and your organization."

HDSaware! (A publication of Hitachi Data Systems)

"The book discusses the impact of recent technological developments on the pace of daily life. Such technology includes beepers, cell phones, computers, and fax machines. With an abundance of time-saing devices, we feel more than ever the shortage of time. Though not a book on sleep per se, TechnoStress offers practical tips to foster both calmer days and more restful nights."

Books for Sleepless Nights

"The authors say that people become more machine-oriented and less sensitive to their own needs and the needs of others. The book explains why technology sucks us in as it does and how we can maintain an even psychological keel in an increasingly digitial world."

Third Age Magazine

"TechnoStress is one of the first popular books to look at the Information Age from a psychological perspective. The authors don't look at computer technology as 'good' or 'bad' as much as something that can be used and abused. Occasionally Weil and Rosen get bogged down in technical terms, but in general their view at the complex world of computers is refreshing."

Business Matters, Manitoba, Canada

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